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What is WWOOF©?

WWOOF (World wide opportunities on organic farms) is all about living and learning on organic farms and is a world wide movement connecting volunteers with organic farmers and growers.

WWOOF’s offering is a cultural and educational exchange by building a global community, conscious of ecological farming practices.

WWOOF is a Non-profit Organisation, consisting of many de-centralised WWOOF groups in 132 countries from around the globe with diverse structures and cultures.

Through WWOOF you can live and learn on organic farms all over the world, share your skills and knowledge, be apart of a diverse and growing global movement that aims to protect and honour the land, celebrate cultures, sustain and nurture communities.

ireland host farm pig
The Black Irish Pig
wwoofing in ireland

WWOOF Ireland

WWOOF Ireland is the national, Non-profit Organisation helping to create local opportunities for organic farmers and to promote sustainable farming as a lifestyle.

Visitors, or ‘WWOOFers’, share in daily life with their host and learn about organic agriculture, while spending about 5 hours per day helping out on a farm in exchange for the knowledge shared, meals and accommodation provided by the host.

WWOOF Ireland is part of a world wide movement of growing a global community, conscious of ecological farming practices.

Join the WWOOF Community

If you’re up for getting your hands dirty, to learn and practice organic ways of living and meet new people then WWOOFing is for you!

It is a great opportunity to share ideas and skills such as Organics, Biodynamics, Permaculture, Sustainability and living mindfully on the earth.

We're part of a world wide movement!

Linking volunteers with organic farmers and growers to promote cultural and educational experiences . . .

WWOOF Global

Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) links visitors with organic farmers, promotes an educational and cultural exchange and builds a global community conscious of ecological farming practices. WWOOF was founded in 1971 and is one of the world’s first educational and cultural exchange programs. Today, WWOOF is in more than 132 countries around the world (and growing).

For WWOOFing opportunities internationally see WWOOF International